Proof of Caring information

Quantstamp popularized the Proof of Caring concept with their ICO.

The idea is to incentivize hodling the tokens rather than trying to earn quick bucks from buying lows and selling highs.

The original medium post by Richard Ma makes the following clear:

Any future audit done by Quantstamp will be paid for using partly the other companies tokens. These tokens will be allocated out to members of the community based on their proof of caring scores.

In order to participate in the PoC program you need to signup using the Proof of Caring Portal

In the portal you will add you ethereum address, together with some information as to what you proof of care consists of. This will in turn create your PoC score.

You receive PoC points by:

  • Making bug reports in GitHub for other people’s smart contracts
  • Making tutorials on how to create safe solidity code
  • Creating and documenting solidity code
  • Creating best practice tutorials for publishing smart contracts
  • Planning hacking nights/events (by hacking we do not refer to black hat hacking)
  • Documenting coding libraries

You can also earn points by spreading awareness about blockchain and security. As an example:

  • Intro to blockchain talks
  • Teaching people how to safely secure their private keys
  • Sharing your story about internet security
  • Making and sharing a how-to document about making better passwords
  • Teaching people about how to use 2FA
  • Teaching people about hardware 2FA keys

So anyone can earn points to receive tokens from the audits being done. It is simply a question on how you gather the points.

In order to be eligible for the PoC dividends to work you need to hold your QSPs in an “local wallet” according to the Richard Ma post. As MyEtherWallet was recommended during the ICO it is safe to assume that it, and the likes of it, qualifies just fine.

Examples of good wallets

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Mist
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • MetaMask


Q: When is the deadline for holding tokens on a wallet
A: There is no deadline. PoC Participats will be added dynamicly. Your time in the program will determine your score.

Q: Can i hold tokens on exchanges?
A: Sure you can, but it wont allow you to take part in the PoC. Only tokens held off exchanges will count towards your PoC Score.

Q: I cant see my tokens on My Ether Wallet even though i withdrew them from the exchange
A: Please follow this guide on how to make your tokens visible on MEW

Q: What was with the 1 Dec Deadline?
A: The 1 Dec 2017 was the first deadline for the initial airdrops from Ink Protocol and Insights network. There is no longer any such deadline and you can start participating in the program any time you want.