How to view QSP on My Ether Wallet

The below guide was posted in the telegram chat by Admin C Chen

QSP tokens are in the process of being integrated into MyEtherWallet. QSP tokens are already automatically visible in most people’s MEW accounts. In the case that your QSP tokens are not yet visible, here is a short guide on how to add QSP as a custom token on MEW and how to view your QSP balance on

View your QSP balance using
1. Visit
2. Enter your public key into the top right corner of the page.
3. Look for QSP under ‘token balances’

Add QSP as a custom token on MEW to see your token immediately:
1. Visit MEW (
2. go to the “View Wallet Info” page.
3. Open your wallet
4. Click “Add Custom Token” in the “Token Balances” section near the bottom right side of the page.
5. Enter contract address (0x99ea4dB9EE77ACD40B119BD1dC4E33e1C070b80d)
6. Add the token symbol (QSP)
7. Add number of decimals (18)
8. Click “Save”