Live AMA 29 / 11 Summary

In a last-minute change the AMA of today was moved to the official facebook page of Quantstamp.

There was alot of information shared during the full hour AMA and below is a quick summary

Number of ongoing Audits

Quantstamp currently has about 25 audits in their backlog. They are currently being reviewed as to which ones goes first. The basis for selection is simply on size of project and number of tokens that company is willing to share with QSP Hodlers. Currently the offerings are ranging between 1-3% of total token supply. They are of course also looking into the quality of the project, to ensure that HODLers receive quality tokens.

Price of an Audit

For the initial audits Quantstamp will charge somewhere between 300 000 and 600 000 QSPs

New Engineer

A new member to the Quantstamp family was also announced: Alex Murashkin. Check out his profiles here LinkedInNPMGitHub

HODL Airdrop

It was mentioned numerous times to clarify that HODLers will not be recieving QSP tokens from the audited companies. The audited company will be airdropping their own ICO tokens to HODLers.

Airdrop distribution 

The allocation percentage will not solely be based on how many QSP your are HODLing. Instead you will be allocated tokens from the audited companies based on your PoC score. 

HODL Periods

Current deadline to be a part of the PoC is to Hodl your tokens before Dec 1 2017. That will create batch 1 of Hodlers. At some point later on there will be a new deadline announced, creating the second batch of hodlers and so on and so on.

Community Updates

Quantstamp will be doing bi-weekly AMAs to keep the community informed on whats happening and answer any questions that have been raised.

Upcoming HODL Airdrop

Richard mentioned that they are looking at 5 different ICOs that all look very promising in their eyes. It was also mentioned that HODlers will surely get a “nice christmas present”


You can watch the full stream here

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