Insights Network officially partnering with Quantstamp

Late 2017 some community detective work found that Insights Network was listing Quantstamp as a partner

Nothing was officially announced at the time and it has been unclear as to exactly what that partnership entails. A very interesting detail about Insights Network that might have gotten people rowded up is that they are utilizing the EOS Blockchain.

Well yesterday everything was cleared up.

Both Quantstamp and Insights Network published official announcements on what the partnership entails and it makes the following clear.

  • Quantstamp will audit the smart contracts of Insights Network
  • Participants of the Quantstamp Proof of Care program will receive 4 500 000 INSTAR tokens as appreciation
  • Quantstamp is now officially blockchain-agnostic opening up their services from a range of non-Ethereum technologies.

In short quantstamp prooves once again how well in demand their services are and how comitted they are to taking care of their PoC participants.

The INSTAR airdrop will give out 450 000 USD worth of tokens at ICO price. At the time of writing there are 25110 QSP holders.  If 25% of tokens holders are PoC participants, that would equate to each participant receiving 710 INSTAR Tokens, to an ICO value of 71 USD.

Read the full Quantstamp press release here.

Read the full Insights Network here, including the airdrop schedule.

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