InfoSecurity Interviews coming from Quantstamp

Quantstamp recently introduced a new segment on their Medium page. InfoSecurity Expert Interviews will be a segment where Quantstamp invites and interviews Seurity Experts for their take on the state of affairs together with their view on blockchain technology.

First out is Zak from Coinbase, a security software engineer.

The interview goes much into Zak’s career and thoughts on security, but also on how Zak sees the new emerging smart contract space

What’s your advice to companies going through the smart contract creation process?

There’s this disconnect between modern software engineering and contract development. In software, we have this iterative development approach that can’t be replicated in the contracts landscape.

Everyone who’s ever used a computer is probably familiar with the terms “patch”, “bug”, or “beta”, and has this dubious relationship with newly-released software, but that can’t happen in the contract space.

This puts the finger right on the value proposition of Quantstamp who is set to become the #1 auditor and securer of smart contracts.

Read the whole interview with Zak from Community Writer Julian Martinez here:

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