First airdrops of audited companies incoming

Starting today you are able to login to the Quantstamp Proof of Care portal at and view your allocation for the first 2 airdrops. These first airdrops are only being distributed to participants who held their QSP tokens of exchanges since 1 Dec 2017. Subsequent airdrops will allow for new participants.

In this first batch we are sharing a pool of:

Together with the incoming airdrops Quantstamp has also clarified with some examples on how they have scored the PoC participants. A big shoutout to a certain community member who had parts of their PoC submission listed as a a very highly scoring one.

For this first round of scoring a lot of focus has been put on sharing knowledge, spreading awareness about Quantstamp, being a community supporter.

For the upcoming scoring content will score higher that focuses more on sharing technical blockchain knowledge as well as sharing general blockchain security practices.

Please read the full medium article below:

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