Quantstamp launching automated auditing tool

quantstamp auditing tool

Quantstamp has today, following a successful YCombinator demoday launched their automated auditing tool for smart contracts.

The tool allows developers and companies to get an instant audit-report from Quantstamp based on best-in-class security auditing tools. The report also pinpoints flaws and how to best mitigate them in your code.

The tool also allows for integration in your build cycle through an API where you can get continuous verification on the code that you are developing.

The Quantstamp ERC20 Token (QSP) is of course part of the process to receive these audit report. For a mere 25 QSP you will be able to receive an official stamp from Quantstamp that verifies the security of your smart-contract.

Check out the automated tool today at https://app.quantstamp.com/

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