Upcoming PoC partnership and much more!

Following the Reddit AMA, CEO Richard Ma came into the official telegram group of Quantstamp yesterday to shed some additional light on the future of Quantstamp.

The below summary was posted by user @gordonglass following all discussions.

• New Head of Communications to be recruited – first of a new dedicated Marketing Communications team

• Another PoC partnership to be announced as early as next week

• New PoC web interface to be built allowing fair and equal access to residents in US/Canada/China (multiple partners likely to be involved, build may take several months).

• Intention to involve investors in more tech testing

• Decentralized and open source still very much the plan – once we’re close to mainnet launch code will become available

• The team will be going to the first Ethereum Community Fund event

• Smart contract auditing web app and test net are already live – well ahead of schedule.

Great news from the CEO and team that put even more confidence Quantstamp becoming then #1 auditing player in the blockchain space.

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