In February a new partnership was formed between Cosmos, Golem, Global Blockchain Labs, and Raiden called the Ethereum Community Fund. At the time, Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin shared the following statement with TechCrunch:

“Ethereum has grown beyond my expectations over the last few years, but the work is clearly not finished. Delivering value that matches the hype should be the mantra of 2018; efforts such as the ECF which help organize the development of the ecosystem are going to help to make that possible,”

Quantstamp CEO and Co-Founder took a swing at the new Signals feature inside of the Blockfolio app to share the following:


Some great news for the team to join a project looking to:

Provide both funding and connectivity, while shaping the strategic direction of the space towards mainstream adoption through the development of infrastructure and compelling end-user applications.

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Following the Reddit AMA, CEO Richard Ma came into the official telegram group of Quantstamp yesterday to shed some additional light on the future of Quantstamp.

The below summary was posted by user @gordonglass following all discussions.

• New Head of Communications to be recruited – first of a new dedicated Marketing Communications team

• Another PoC partnership to be announced as early as next week

• New PoC web interface to be built allowing fair and equal access to residents in US/Canada/China (multiple partners likely to be involved, build may take several months).

• Intention to involve investors in more tech testing

• Decentralized and open source still very much the plan – once we’re close to mainnet launch code will become available

• The team will be going to the first Ethereum Community Fund event

• Smart contract auditing web app and test net are already live – well ahead of schedule.

Great news from the CEO and team that put even more confidence Quantstamp becoming then #1 auditing player in the blockchain space.

Yesterday was the day the community had been waiting for. A Youtube livestream with the Quantstamp team followed by an AMA hosted on Reddit.

Richard Ma, CEO and co-founder of Quantstamp kicked things of with his throughts and experiences from the YCombinator experience followed by a tehcnical walktrough of the network and subsequent demo of the automated auditing tool that is live on site today.

Richard also spoke about securing the intellectual property that has been developed during these hectic months. By filing patents and securing their findings Quantstamp will take advantage of their first-mover-advantage and ensure that Quantstamp becomes the true “VeriSign of the blockchain”

Richard also announced that Quantstamp will be auditing the Interactive Initial Coin Offering that has been proposed by Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin together with Jason Teutsch from TrueBit Protocol and Christopher Brow from Modular Network.

You can watch the full live stream below:

The live stream was also followed by a Reddit hosted AMA where the Quantstamp team answered the community’s questions.
The whole thread can be read here but some interesting answers to highlight.

With larger corporations like fujitsu and PWC stepping into the blockchain auditing space, how do you plan to stay ahead of the curve?
I don’t believe we’re directly competing with organisations with Fujitsu and PWC in this market. Right now smart contracts are growing at an exponential rate, so there is room for lots of companies to play in the space. We want to work together hand-in-hand with these people to advance the ecosystem together.

It was mentioned that marketing would be put on the back burner until after Y Combinator Demo Day. Besides for appearing on various Crypto Podcasts/Youtube interviews, what avenues are you interested in advertising?
We’re sponsoring the Unchained podcast.
We’ll look for other opportunities which make sense to promote the platform and the auditing services we provide.

quantstamp auditing tool

Quantstamp has today, following a successful YCombinator demoday launched their automated auditing tool for smart contracts.

The tool allows developers and companies to get an instant audit-report from Quantstamp based on best-in-class security auditing tools. The report also pinpoints flaws and how to best mitigate them in your code.

The tool also allows for integration in your build cycle through an API where you can get continuous verification on the code that you are developing.

The Quantstamp ERC20 Token (QSP) is of course part of the process to receive these audit report. For a mere 25 QSP you will be able to receive an official stamp from Quantstamp that verifies the security of your smart-contract.

Check out the automated tool today at

Today is the day we have been waiting for a long time. It is finally demo day for the W18 Batch of YCombinator.

But what really is Demo Day?

On demo day all companies in the batch come together for a 2 day presentation session in front of specially selected investors and press.

What happens next?

As batches are big these years, demo day is actually 2 days. Following demo-day however is a full day of meeting investors where the graduates will meet top investors from across the globe for potential partnerships.

Then what?

Following these awesome 3 days for Quantstamp the team will be finishing of with both a Youtube livestream and Reddit AMA

For the live-stream please follow the eventbrite here for updated details. It will take place on March 23rd at 10-11am PST

The Reddit AMA is already taking questions. So go ahead and post your question or upvote other peoples questions before friday here. The team will be answering your questions at 1-4pm PST on Friday March 23rd

To convert PST times into your local timezones, you can use this tool by timeanddate


We have just completed the first version of the PoC Portfolio tracker for you guys!
The tool is using data from CoinmarketCap in order to display the tokens that are airdropped to program participants.

In this first version you can follow the value of the 1 500 00 INSTAR and 2 500 000 XNK Tokens that have been airdropped to eligible QSP holders.

You can check out the tracker here

If you wish to contribute to the project it is available on GitHub

Quantstamp has finishes yet another security audit. This time it is YCombinator classmate that allows users to create their own tokens and publish them on the blockchain

For more details on Hexel, please see their page

Starting today you are able to login to the Quantstamp Proof of Care portal at and view your allocation for the first 2 airdrops. These first airdrops are only being distributed to participants who held their QSP tokens of exchanges since 1 Dec 2017. Subsequent airdrops will allow for new participants.

In this first batch we are sharing a pool of:

Together with the incoming airdrops Quantstamp has also clarified with some examples on how they have scored the PoC participants. A big shoutout to a certain community member who had parts of their PoC submission listed as a a very highly scoring one.

For this first round of scoring a lot of focus has been put on sharing knowledge, spreading awareness about Quantstamp, being a community supporter.

For the upcoming scoring content will score higher that focuses more on sharing technical blockchain knowledge as well as sharing general blockchain security practices.

Please read the full medium article below:

Insights Network recently completed their ICO and just a couple of hours ago their Token Generation Event.

Their ICO ran very smoothly thanks to good communications from their telegram admins together with the fact that they muted the channel for the time of the ICO. Contributors also had guaranteed amounts allocated to them ensuring that there was no gas-wars going on.

All Quantstamp Proof of Care participants will receive their airdrops as soon as the regulatory processes have been followed.

To complete any required KYC for the airdrop, simply login to the PoC Portal at

When you receive your tokens, if your wallet requires you to manually add it, below are the details needed:
Contract address: 0xc72fe8e3dd5bef0f9f31f259399f301272ef2a2d
Symbol: INSTAR
Decimals: 18