Coindesk recently published an article on the 7 top coins that investors are talking alot about

Amidst this sea change in the crypto space, CoinDesk spoke to Boost VCCompound VC and Pantera Capital to get a feel for what tokens they’re investing in, or at least, planning to.

At the absolute top, Quantstamp is featured for its automation of smart contracts.

Coindesk was able to get ahold of Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma who breifly explained the origins of Quantstamp when all of his Ether was lost during the 2016 DAO hack.

Check out the full article here


In a last-minute change the AMA of today was moved to the official facebook page of Quantstamp.

There was alot of information shared during the full hour AMA and below is a quick summary

Number of ongoing Audits

Quantstamp currently has about 25 audits in their backlog. They are currently being reviewed as to which ones goes first. The basis for selection is simply on size of project and number of tokens that company is willing to share with QSP Hodlers. Currently the offerings are ranging between 1-3% of total token supply. They are of course also looking into the quality of the project, to ensure that HODLers receive quality tokens.

Price of an Audit

For the initial audits Quantstamp will charge somewhere between 300 000 and 600 000 QSPs

New Engineer

A new member to the Quantstamp family was also announced: Alex Murashkin. Check out his profiles here LinkedInNPMGitHub

HODL Airdrop

It was mentioned numerous times to clarify that HODLers will not be recieving QSP tokens from the audited companies. The audited company will be airdropping their own ICO tokens to HODLers.

Airdrop distribution 

The allocation percentage will not solely be based on how many QSP your are HODLing. Instead you will be allocated tokens from the audited companies based on your PoC score. 

HODL Periods

Current deadline to be a part of the PoC is to Hodl your tokens before Dec 1 2017. That will create batch 1 of Hodlers. At some point later on there will be a new deadline announced, creating the second batch of hodlers and so on and so on.

Community Updates

Quantstamp will be doing bi-weekly AMAs to keep the community informed on whats happening and answer any questions that have been raised.

Upcoming HODL Airdrop

Richard mentioned that they are looking at 5 different ICOs that all look very promising in their eyes. It was also mentioned that HODlers will surely get a “nice christmas present”


You can watch the full stream here

Richard Ma just posted this update in the official telegram chat

KuCoins own news article about the listing states the following:

KuCoin is proud to announce we are  listing another high quality project today. Quantstamp (QSP) will be joining our special list on November 29 2017 16.00 (UTC+8).  KuCoin traders will have access to QSP/BTC and QSP/ETH upon listing.

KuCoin is a Hong Kong based exchange that only started up in September of 2017. Currently it boasts $6 996 552 in trading volume¹

You can sign up for a KuCoin account here


This post has been updated with additional information about the announcement and KuCoin

¹ – 2017/11/29 10:57 CET


Recently the guys and gals over at Peculiar Monkeys did a review of Quantstamp.

It is a great review of what Quantstamp does and goes in-depth in some of the team members. But at the same time concludes that:

Each of the Quantstamp team members holds numerous achievements I could write all day about them. Investors should take comfort in knowing that as an investor the team is composed of experienced developers, Ex-Google, Amazon, and IBM employees.

You should definitely read it through completely but it finishes of with these great words

Overall I feel that Quantstamp has a bright future the team is very experienced and accomplished. Furthermore, I believe it to be much further ahead of its competitor’s technology wise.

You can read the full article on their site.

On Wednesday at 10 AM PST Time there will be a live AMA on the official Youtube channel of quantstamp

Follow the countdown here

Despite the regular policy of not announcing upcoming announcements Richard also teased that there are some new stuff happening right before the AMA

On the deadline the AMA will be streamed from the official youtube channel


Yesterday evening the proof of caring announcement was updated to better reflect the teams vision.

The idea of hodling as a single point of scoring has been removed. Instead you must hold coins before the 1 Dec 2017 in order to be eligible. You will also accumulate points based on the following factors

  1. Showing support about Quantstamp in public forums.
  2. Providing the Quantstamp team with advice — improving our whitepaper, website design, translating copy, etc.
  3. Connect us with the community — helping with recruitment, helping with reddit, telegram, making youtube videos.
  4. Doing work for the team — Telegram admins, Local language admins, github code contributors, translators.
  5. Your existing history of support with the Quantstamp project
  6. The super secret events for those that have proven they are the very best.
  7. The Quantstamp Challenge…. All the details will be released soon.

Before 1 Dec you need to move your QSP tokens to any of the below wallets

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Mist
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • MetaMask

All details can be found in our PoC FAQ here

Today at 15.00 CET was the release of the latest Cicero report

Cicero Report presents themselves as “The first choice for financial cryptocurrency Intelligence”.

Their last recommendation was Metaverse (ETP). Their recomendation was published at 15.00 on the 13th of November

At that time Metaverse (ETP) was at around 2.95 USD. Today as of this writing ETP is trading at around 3.69 USD. Landing in on a 25% increase.

The report itself goes into why Quantstamp solves a very real problem and the benefits of the system. Read the full report at



On December 4th a 1000+ people will attent the Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
Our very own Richard Ma is set to take the stage at 11:30 local time to talk about the now completed ICO

Read more about the Conference

The detailed agenda