Quantstamp recently introduced a new segment on their Medium page. InfoSecurity Expert Interviews will be a segment where Quantstamp invites and interviews Seurity Experts for their take on the state of affairs together with their view on blockchain technology.

First out is Zak from Coinbase, a security software engineer.

The interview goes much into Zak’s career and thoughts on security, but also on how Zak sees the new emerging smart contract space

What’s your advice to companies going through the smart contract creation process?

There’s this disconnect between modern software engineering and contract development. In software, we have this iterative development approach that can’t be replicated in the contracts landscape.

Everyone who’s ever used a computer is probably familiar with the terms “patch”, “bug”, or “beta”, and has this dubious relationship with newly-released software, but that can’t happen in the contract space.

This puts the finger right on the value proposition of Quantstamp who is set to become the #1 auditor and securer of smart contracts.

Read the whole interview with Zak from Community Writer Julian Martinez here:

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QUOINE, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange who completed their ICO in late 2017 has today announced its partnership with Quantstamp.

QUOINE is launching their own ICO launchpad as part of their Qryptos platform where Quantstamp to provide security recommendations for select smart contract projects.

The MOU lays the groundwork allowing for Quantstamp to provide security recommendations for select smart contract projects on the QRYPTOS platform. QRYPTOS manages the token sale process on behalf of a token issuer. This management attempts to streamline the token sale process for token issuers, enhance security measures and provide a safe participation process for the crypto community. After a token sale is conducted on QRYPTOS, the token is immediately tradable on its platform.

In an effort to further protect QRYPTOS users, Quantstamp will act as QUOINE’s smart contract security advisor on select projects. Quantstamp’s recommendations are meant to enhance the smart contract security practices of token issuers managing their ICO through QRYPTOS.

Read the full press release from QUOINE here.



Last night Quantstamp announced new timelines for the upcoming airdrops. The telegram announcement channel had the following posted:

Listia’s Ink Protocol will airdrop XNK tokens to Proof-of-Caring registrants on February 28th, 2018. Please register at our Proof-of-Caring portal before Sunday, February 4th at 11:59 pm PT (Monday, February 5th at 7:59 AM UTC). You may also submit new Proof-of-Caring content before the deadline in order to improve your Proof-of-Caring score.
After this date and time, our PoC portal will be closed for 1 week.

When the portal is reopened, we will start the next registration period for the Insights Network airdrop.

A complete writeup is also avaliable at Medium

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So for any and all of you that want to get your hands on some of the XNK token should hurry up and move your QSP tokens to a private wallet and register at the portal located at https://caring.quantstamp.com/

There will also be a new deadline for any and all that wants to take part in the airdrops from Insights Network ICO who is set to launch this upcoming week on Feb 5th.

[Update 4 Feb]

In an update directly from CEO Richard Ma the post now brings some clarity on the deadlines.

In order to take part in the XNK Airdrop you can still register, however only participants who have held their tokens off exchanges since 1 Dec 2017 will be part of the drop. This allows for people who have been holding and participating in the community since ICO to add their part to the program.

The update is now reflected in the original Medium post above.


Today Quantstamp comes in with event more great news.

Quantstamp have successfully completed the audit of the first dApp on the WeTrust Platform.

WeTrusts core mission is to Improve financial inclusion on a global scale. Their first application is called Trusted Lending Circles. It allows you to combine your funds with colleagues, friends or family and everything is controlled by Quantstamp secured smartcontracts.

To read up on everything in detail, please visit the TLC site.

Below is also the full pressrelease by Quantstamp

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Recently AidCoin finished a very successful ICO, reaching their hardcap of  14,333 within 90 minutes.

Richard Ma and Francesco Nazari Fusetti crossed paths in Bangkok during the BlockChain World Conference and seems to have hit it of.

Richard has advised Aidcoin both strategically and operationally during its ICO and will continue to do so as the project evolves. Today, we want to thank Richard for the support and welcome him formally in the AidCoin team.

Read the full press release by AidCoin here

Late 2017 some community detective work found that Insights Network was listing Quantstamp as a partner

Nothing was officially announced at the time and it has been unclear as to exactly what that partnership entails. A very interesting detail about Insights Network that might have gotten people rowded up is that they are utilizing the EOS Blockchain.

Well yesterday everything was cleared up.

Both Quantstamp and Insights Network published official announcements on what the partnership entails and it makes the following clear.

  • Quantstamp will audit the smart contracts of Insights Network
  • Participants of the Quantstamp Proof of Care program will receive 4 500 000 INSTAR tokens as appreciation
  • Quantstamp is now officially blockchain-agnostic opening up their services from a range of non-Ethereum technologies.

In short quantstamp prooves once again how well in demand their services are and how comitted they are to taking care of their PoC participants.

The INSTAR airdrop will give out 450 000 USD worth of tokens at ICO price. At the time of writing there are 25110 QSP holders.  If 25% of tokens holders are PoC participants, that would equate to each participant receiving 710 INSTAR Tokens, to an ICO value of 71 USD.

Read the full Quantstamp press release here.

Read the full Insights Network here, including the airdrop schedule.

In the middle of visiting numerous events and meetings in Japan, the team has also published a new and improved website.

The site has gotten rid of a lot of the graphics and fancy stuff and is now fronting a clear white and blue setup.

QuanstampNews thinks it looks really great and a clear improvement. What do you think of the change?

On the 13th of January Richard and the team took part in a live streamed episode of #BlockTalk

We got to meet the latest addition to the Quantstamp Team: Mr Kacper Bąk.

The interview kicks of with a presentation of what Quantstamp does and want to be doing but also what the future is offering.


Last time we heard anything about the backlog of audit requests there were talks of 40 different companies that had requested an audit from Quantstamp. During the interview Richard let us know that that list now has grown to 55 companies.


Krishna Sriram attending the session in person and talked some bits about the current workload of the team. Currently alot of time is being spent doing proper due-diligence on the projects that Quantstamp chooses to audit. This is to ensure that the resources allocated correctly considering the team is only able to do 1 or 2 audits simultaneously since they today are only semi-automatic.

Alot of good information coming out of this session and we want to thank richard and the team for putting some time away to do these kind of things. See the while interview here

Quantstamp is getting in to a very hectic weekend in the next couple of days.

There is going to be multiple events happening in Tokyo during this weekend.

There is both the Smart Contract Meetup that will host Quantstamp together with OmiseGo and Zilliqa


On the 20th there is also a conference called The Coin where Richard Ma will take the stage during the Pitch Arena and Demo section.


Looking forward to great talks and informative sessions.

Bob Wu  from Nextshark recently published a list of the 17 most influential Asian-americans within the crypto and blockchain sphere.

Of course Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma takes a spot together with individuals like Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and Jen-Hsun Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

Make your way over to NextShark to read up on the complete list.