There is a new year in the world and we have an exciting 2018 ahead of us

The quantstamp team is getting ready for the YCombinator semester with a demo day in the spring.

For the ones keeping track we finished of 2018 with a bang.

Suppoman ran a review of his top coins for 2018 for his 80 000 subscribers

Jump to 11:35 for the section on Quantstamp

Altcoin Buzz with 100 000 subscribers also ran an indepth review and possible outlooks for Quantstamp

Both reviews are very positive on Quantstamp and sets an awesome bar for the upcoming year

Quantstamp is getting ready to for the new year with a bang!

Recently there have been a number of posts on social media regarding Quantstamp and its projections for the 2018 super-year.

First out is Nugget’s News Australia who published their list of Top 10 Underrated Cryptocurrencies For 2018

Secondly we have BitCoin Benny with over 6 000 subscribers who published his list of Top 5 coins for January

Just yesterday C-Sigma show publiched an in-depth interview with CEO Richard Ma

Lastly Mr Bharat Vishnubhotla, the Head of Business Development at Olympus Labs published a Medium post over Five Cryptocurrencies primed to explode in 2018

View story at

Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma just announced that Quantstamp has completed the initial audit of the INK platform smart contracts.

This is the first project announced which takes part in the PoC program where QSP token holders will receive portions of the audited companies tokens.

For the INK partnership the PoC program will receive 2% of all the INK tokens. These will then be distributed out to the PoC participants based on their relevant scores.

But who really is INK?

INK is creating a decentralized reputation and payment system for P2P marketplaces based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ink Protocol solves this problem by tracking seller reputation and consumer feedback using the Ethereum network anytime a purchase is made with XNK tokens. By tying this information to Ethereum, any existing peer-to-peer marketplace can draw from this database to track the reputation of their sellers across multiple platforms.

You can read the full press release by Richard Ma here

But how will the airdrop work?

The INK airdrop will be given out to PoC participants over a schedule of 10 months

  • 0.5% will be distributed at the end of the token sale (estimated in Feb 2018)
  • 0.5% will be airdropped in April 2018.
  • 0.5% will be airdropped in July 2018.
  • 0.5% will be airdropped in October 2018.

As the presale is still ongoing at the time of writing it is unclear how many tokens will be handed out. But INK has a hardcap of 500 000 000 which would result in 10 000 000 tokens to be distributed to QSP PoC participants. Current number of QSP holders is 13529 which would, if all tokens were distributed equally, mean that each PoC participant will receive 739 INK tokens each.

In order to register as a PoC participant you need to signup using the Proof of Caring Portal located at

To sign up for the INK Presale and/or crowdsale you can signup at their site

INK press release on the Quantstamp partnership



Yesterday SEC Chairman Jay Clayton published a statement on Cryptocurrencies and ICOs where he goes into detail on both the current legal status of crypto but also some of his own views and recommendations for investors.

The statement finishes of with a list of suggested sanity checks that any investor should do before investing in a cryptocurrency.

If a blockchain is used, is the blockchain open and public?  Has the code been published, and has there been an independent cybersecurity audit?

This is a reiteration of the recommendation made by the SEC in July already.

As cryptocurrencies becomes mainstream and more and more financial institutions opens up for trading Quantstamp is set to take the spot as the #1 auditing authority

Read the chairman’s statement here

As part of a panel on “Hot Startups to Watch” during the ICO Funding Summit today Dec 6 Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp will take the stage.

At 2.55 AM PST  he will join the panel together with

Moderator: Brad Kohn, Global Community Director, Superbloom
Xiahong Lin , Founder, Bodhi Project
Tomaz Leval Origin Trail
Dan Goldman, Chief Business Development Officer, Cryptalgo

Read more about ICO Funding Summit on their website.

Today announced they have added Quantstamp  to their site

You can check out the page here

This comes as a result of major community work initiated by @M18596148 who pushed moonstats to open up a poll.

The  was later dominated by Quantstamp supporters who stood for a great majority of the votes.